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beam me up, aj


you know how you like get milk to go wth your popcorn. well like its 12am and i had to sneak downstairs to get this popcorn in the frst place, and its fuckin dark as dicks down there and im not going down again tonight so i got myself a cup of milk to go with this popcorn, right? well its like this huge hearty glass of milk bc its a big bowl of popcorn, and its like filled all the way to the top. im dedicating my milk to you, anon. this entire f uckin cup of milk. its goin’ out to you. all of it, every single last drop of this beautiful drink that’s gonna strengthen my bones n shit. this is goin’ out to you.


Apparently today is International MCR Day!

This goes to show how awesome the MCRmy are, we actually have a holiday to celebrate the best fucking band in the whole damn world.

Today is a day to play MCR music all day, re-watch that video for the hundredth time. Stalk the boys of the band in Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. Sing the words but don’t know what it means but sing it for the world anyway. Spend the night dancing and get drunk I supposed?

This day is for our heroes - Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero. Regardless of that denial “I’m just a man, I’m not a hero” They will always be our heroes. They are the reasons we are not afraid to keep on living. And why we are not afraid to walk this world alone.

Let’s take the chance to say, thank you for the venom, cause we love all the poison and all the boys in the band.

Spread the word, spread the love, keep it ugly.

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kiddingdontgo replied to your post “infinite pop ups annoy me oh my god everytime this crap happens i…”

good night

good night :D

sgt-james-buchanan-barnes replied to your photo “YOU FOOLS COULD’VE DIED.”

You’re killin’ me, Lee.

i have a sudden craving for spones and angst idk why man

infinite pop ups annoy me oh my god

everytime this crap happens i have to restart everythign


good night

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